We have four VIP areas that can be pre booked for special events, celebrations or just a great night out. We can tailor drinks and dance packages to your requirements and will make sure you have a special night with us and our ladies!


This is our newest VIP area situated near the bar behind glass screens and has comfortable seating for around 5 people.

Large VIP

This is next to the stage and is our largest VIP. It can comfortably seat around 10 people.


This is a private room decorated as a gentleman’s smoking room with chesterfields and a fire place. There is seating for up to 6 people.

Booth VIP

We have two of these which can be brought together for large group of up to 10 or smaller group of up to 6.

If none of these areas are big enough you can book the seating in front of the stage which can comfortably seat more than 25.

Call or email us for your requirements and we look forward to welcoming you at Katz!

A minimum spend and deposit will be required for VIP areas.